Monday, 6 August 2012

Word Sprint

There are things in this world that no one understands and fewer people see. The are the dark images of mankinds greed and fear. Fear rules most everything we do .In the beginning it was our salvation

I am afraid a lot. But I don't acknoledge that fear if I did others would see me as week. This even though they struggle with similar demons of their own. I am trying to avoid correctiong my words as I go since that wastes time and I have only ten minutes here.


I fear the dark and the nasties that live in it. In the real world I would be talking about things like bedbugs & spiders and other insects that hunt at night and whose pary are humans. I also live in fear of things that go bump in the night but mostlu I fear my dreams because at night they are dark and twisted. In the light of dawn to noon they are less likely to appear. I figure it is cause of the light.

Do werewolves and vampireds exist some would have us beleive this but I do not think so except for the odd genetic things like extra body hair and hemophelia. I think that vampires & wolves got their start from such mundane things. I can not be so sure of fairys and other supernatural folks. Perhaps as some would have us beleive they exist but seperate from us in their own little parallell world. Parrallell worlds now that is something I would like to learn more about. Sure they are only theoretical but imageine what we could do if they were for  real. It becomes a question of real versus imaginary but fear is fear and it is humanities most basic emotion.